Here are just a few of our past customers and their fence style is included in case you would like to see a certain style of fence as it appears in its actual setting.
Many are loyal, repeat customers, who we greatly appreciate.

Kent Swarts: 3518 Damsel Stone Ct. off of Old Wash. Hwy. 804-432-1264
4’ ht 2 - rail comm. Grade Dynasty ornamental picket

Randolph Clark: 4012 West Terrace in Belmont Hills 804-276-9669
6’ ht vinyl Petersburg privacy

Mary Howle: 19 Bridgeway Rd. off of Cary St. 804-241-1006
4’ ht custom spaced pointed picket

Ray Pettway: 8920 Scotford Rd. off of Reams Rd. 804-275-1418
2 rail split rail

Russell Childress: 9336 Russell Rd. off of Willis Rd. 804-2758148
6’ ht custom dogear board

Jeff Johnson: 1130 Goswick Ridge Rd. in The Grove off of Coalfield Rd. 804-379-7279
4’ ht custom spaced convex picket with French gothic posts

Dick Leatherman: 4701 Patterson Ave. 804-359-0797
6’ ht chainlink

Billie Jo Harper: 2428 Bridgeview Lane in Glen Eagles off of Ridgefield Pkwy. 310-922-1872
5’ ht custom concave spaced picket

Ron Fulcher: 3672 Quarter Mill Dr. off of Rocky Ford Rd. in Powhatan 954-401-2373
3 rail split rail w/ welded wire

Dante Fratarcangelo: 4000 Wakefield Rd. off of Midlothian Trpk. 804-387-9656
Custom spaced pointed picket & welded wire on 4 x 4’s

Dupont: 5403 Jefferson Davis Hwy. / and 3611 Oxbridge Rd. off of Hull St. Rd.
Ricky McCormack 804-748-9488 x 3344
6’ ht black Montage steel ornamental 3 rail picket

Judy Everette: 806 Fahey Circle off of Providence Rd. 804-218-2991
4’ ht vinyl Richmond style concave thru-rail picket

Michelle McNaughton: 10400 Old Camp Rd. off of Buford Rd. 804-399-0966
3 rail split rail w/ welded wire plus 4’ ht spaced pointed picket

Agee’s Bicycle: Bill Agee 11020 Midlothian Trpk. 804-794-6754
6’ht chainlink

Apple Door Systems: Dan Apple Pocoshock Blvd. & Hull St. Rd. 804-674-7774
10’ht chainlink with privacy tennis court screening + chainlink inside of bldg. + custom dogear board

Woodlake Assoc: 14900 Lakebluff Pkwy in Woodlake 804-739-4344
multiple styles of custom fences around pools, daycare center, etc..

Dennis Knight: 1300 Santa Anna Rd. off of Patterson Ave. 804-282-0275
5’ ht custom dogear board + 42” ht custom dogear spaced picket

Chippenham Hospital / CJW Medical Center 7101 Jahnke Road Carl Emory: 381-2303
4’ ht vinyl Norfolk style picket fence in parking lot behind hospital

Randee Flowers: 6467 Burnt Mills La. In Foxcreek Subd. Off of Woolridge Rd. 804-744-2618
custom spaced dogear picket with exposed French gothic posts

Blair Shell: 13512 Raftersridge Terrace in Riverton Subd. Off of Robious Rd. 804-897-9146
custom spaced convex picket with exposed French gothic posts

Annie Barden: 218 Jodie Terrace in Stonehenge Subd. 804-338-3221
3 rail split rail

Dr. Peggy Dolan: 3900 Old Gun Rd. 804-965-0130
4’ht estate or cross buck style

The Restaurant Co. / Arbys: Walt Garde 804-640-6805
multiple Arby’s restaurants in Colonial Heights & Richmond areas vinyl & wood

James River Athletic Assoc. / Weaver Athletic Assoc: Mike Parnell 804-986-4952
Off of Robious Rd. 3600 James River Rd. / ballfield / 6’ht and 10’ ht chainlink

Byron Barts: 8700 Firethorne Lane off of Kingsland Rd. 804-426-1450
6’ ht chainlink

Sree Nandura: 9809 Pemberton Creek Dr. off of Pemberton Rd. 804-747-4584
4’ ht custom space concave picket

Edna Van Lieu: 1406 Havens Oak Circle off Lucks Lane & Hardwood Dr. in St. John’s Wood Subd. 757-256-7676 6’ ht custom convex board privacy with exposed French gothic posts

Grace Hardaway: 5507 Jessup Rd. off of Turner Rd. 804-276-5116
4’ chainlink

Russ Pearce: 13410 Burnettedale of Happy Hill Rd. in the Hartland Subd. 804-306-6382
4’ht chainlink

Riverfront Plaza Downtown / Commonwealth Bldg. Services / 951 E. Byrd St. Matt Scott: 804-833-1408 / Jeff Scott: 804-339-2289

Mary New: 3806 Tomacee Road in Windsor Farms 804-353-7372
4’ ht custom spaced dogear picket

Ginny Lewis: 2327 Crickhollow Ct. off of Pump Rd. 804-690-3898
3’ ht custom concave French gothic picket with French gothic posts

Patrick Graham: 2601 Bayfront Way off of Woolridge Rd. in the Edgewater Subd. 804-658-8950
4’ ht black Montage steel 3 rail Classic style ornamental picket

Barbara Moes: 3615 Snyder Rd. off of Hull St. Rd. in the Longwood Acres Subd. 804-276-8830 6’ ht vinyl Petersburg privacy fencing with dome (ball) post caps

Strange’s Florist: Bill Gouldin 9420 Midlothian Trpk. (land under development) 804-360-2800
6’ ht 9ga chainlink

The New Deliverance Church: Ms. Crawley / 1701 Turner Rd. between Hull St. Rd. & Elkhardt Rd. 804-276-4433
5’ ht black Montage steel 3 rail ornamental picket at playground

Cheryl Willoughby: 940 River Estates Ct. off of Rocky Ford Rd. in Powhatan 804-598-6494
54” ht black Montage steel 3 rail ornamental picket

Donald Baker: 11721 Wiesinger La. Off of Robious Rd. 804-794-5823
4’ ht custom dogear picket & 6’ ht custom dogear board

Richmond Rebuilders: David Clark jobsite: 109 Oak Glen St. off of Midlothian Trpk. Just e. of Chippenham Parkway
5’ ht vinyl concave picket + 6’ ht vinyl Petersburg privacy with New England post caps

Kids R Kids / Chris Tipold: 6761 Temie Lee Pkwy. Off of Hull St. Rd. across from Deer Run 804-920-4937
6’ ht black ornamental alum. 3 rail picket

Floyd Wright: 2216 Winterfield Road in Salisbury 804-794-4049
4’ ht 3 rail horizontal board with welded wire & convex gates

Jack Taylor: 8906 River Road off of Gaskins Road 804-393-9733
4’ ht black commercial grade 2 rail aluminum Dynasty picket

April Beilhart: 3223 Landria Dr. off of Hathaway in Stratford Hills 804-840-3577
3 rail horizontal board with welded wire and convex gates