Below you'll find photos of some of the wood styles we offer.
Each style is custom-constructed on site.
Each gate is also constructed on site to custom-fit the terrain and to guarantee continued consistant use.

Pointed Picket

Pointed Picket w/ French Gothic Posts

4ft Picket

Pointed Picket w/ 6x6 French Gothic Posts

Concave Picket

Concave Picket w/ walk gate

Dog-eared board and picket

Dog-eared Board & Pointed Picket

picket - inside

Pointed Picket - Inside View

Pointed Picket w/ Gate

French Gothic Picket
French Gothic Picket

Concave picket
Concave Picket
Convex Picket

Horizontal Board w/ Wire

Split Rail w/ Wire

Convex Solid Board

Concave Board w/French Gothic Posts
Dog-eared Board
Dog-eared Board

Solid Board
  Board w/ Caps & Copper Post Caps

Concave Board
Horizontal Board w/ Convex Board Gate

Dog-eared Board in Shadowbox style